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Melt away all your worries and cares with our calming calcium and magnesium drink! Just mix CalMag with hot water and you'll have yourself a total mind and body relaxing experience in no time!


Bone, Joint, & Heart Health

Soothe Achy Muscles

Relieve Stress

Calm Mind & Body

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Calcium- needed to build and maintain strong bones, for maintaining healthy muscle and cardiovascular function.

Magnesium- is involved in more than 600 reactions in your body, including energy creation, protein formation, gene maintenance, muscle function, and nervous system regulation.


How do you prepare CalMag?

To prepare CalMag, place a tablespoon of powder into a tall sided mug/cup.  Pour a small amount of boiling water into the mug and stir until the powder is dissolved.  Then add cool water, ice, or let cool naturally to your desired temperature and enjoy.

Is this supplement for everyone?

Yes.  Calcium and Magnesium are essential minerals that need to be supplied to the body every day.  Both minerals play vital roles throughout the body.  Without either your body can’t function properly.

What kind of magnesium does this supplement supply?

CalMag when placed in hot water undergoes a chemical reaction (magnesium carbonate w/ citric acid) that creates ionic magnesium citrate.